Set Of 3 Stacking Glass Mixing Bowls Multipurpose Baking Kitchen Oven Safe

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Whether you’re baking chicken in the oven, warming up soup in the microwave or freezing leftovers from last night, there’s no task you won’t be prepared to handle thanks to the multi-function abilities of these bowls.

An essential in any busy kitchen, this set includes BPA-free lids and comprises bowls in 3 handy sizes (0.5L, 1.5L and 3.5L).

They’re made from tough borosilicate glass which is easy to clean and hardwearing.

Each bowl is ideal for high temperatures up to 350°C in the oven and microwave (without the lid) and low temperatures of -40°C in the freezer. They’re also dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning. Please note, ensure the dish is cool before freezing.

The bowls are liquid safe which means they’re great for storing water, soup and juice. They’re also stackable which lets the bowls nest inside one another for easy storage.

Dimensions: L15 x H8cm (0.5L), L21 x H9cm (1.5L), L27 x H11cm (3.5L)