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F-Series Battery Charger

F-Series Battery Charger

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Fast Charging Charge your F-Series battery in just 1 hour & 18 minutes with our highly efficient charger; shop as a replacement or keep a spare battery on charge, letting you get right back into maintaining your garden. Charging Light Indicator Easily keep track of when your battery is ready for use, with the red LED indicator letting you see when the battery is charging, and the green LED illuminating once full capacity has been reached. Long Charging Cable For added reach and manoeuvrability, the charger features a 1.8m power cable, great for keeping the charger just within arms’ length.

F-Series Cordless Garden Power Range Unrestricted, cordless power;  F-Series range features top-quality tools for pristine garden maintenance, including: F-Series Garden Saw F-Series Grass Trimmer F-Series Hedge Trimmer F-Series Grass and Hedge Trimmer

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