Bike Storage Hooks

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Bike Storage Hooks

If you love cycling – but don’t have the room to accommodate your bikes without cluttering up your home, garage or garden - these wall-mounted bike storage hooks could be exactly what you need to make the most of every inch of space.

  • Make the best use of your space with these wall-mounted bike storage hooks
  • Made from steel with durable plastic coating to avoid scratching or damaging your bike's frame or wheels
  • The hooks come with screws and wall plugs so all you need is a drill
  • Once fitted, the bike hooks provide stable and safe storage for your bike

Each bike hook is made from sturdy steel, coated in a durable plastic to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging your bike’s frame or wheels when lifting it on and off. The hooks come with wall fittings – screws and wall plugs – so all you’ll need is a drill.

Simply attach your hooks to the wall at a height that allows the bike to be held at full length. If you’re planning to park two or more bikes along the same stretch of wall, it’s a good idea to stagger the height of each hook – perhaps alternating heights by 8 inches or so – to allow for the handlebars to protrude without bumping into the next bike along.

Once securely fitted, the bike hooks will provide stable and safe storage for your bikes in the most space-saving and ergonomic way possible. With the bikes up off the floor and taking up vertical rather than horizontal space, you’ll have room to manoeuvre each individually.

Ideal if you have a small garage or workshop and need to make the best use of the available space.