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40V 4Ah Li-ion Spare Battery

40V 4Ah Li-ion Spare Battery

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Always have a back-up on hand with the 40V 4Ah replacement battery, allowing you to carry on with your garden maintenance if your power tool cuts out mid-way through your project. Powerful enough to suit the biggest garden enthusiast, yet also user-friendly enough to be used just once every few months to keep your garden tidy, this Li-ion spare battery will ensure you get the job done quickly and efficiently, no matter the task at hand.

Fast Charging Replacement Battery It takes just a speedy 60 minutes for your spare replacement battery to reach full charge, giving you ample of time to recharge either in between garden sessions, or whilst you switch between your original battery. Battery Charge Indicator Thanks to the 3-stage light signalling system, you can always be aware of your battery’s charge level. Perfect for both on-the-go charge checks so you don’t start a new job and get cut off mid-way through, and check-ups whilst charging so you can start transforming your garden as soon as it’s charged.

Multiuse Spare Battery Compatible with all products from the 40V garden power range, use this spare battery to cover a wide range of garden maintenance jobs, whether it’s hedge trimming, lawn mowing, or grass trimming.

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