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2L Air Fryer

2L Air Fryer

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The Air Fryer is a counter-top kitchen appliance that can cook by frying, baking, roasting and toasting a wide range of foods by circulating hot air around the food using convection.

A discreet mechanical fan helps move the hot air and tiny particles of oil around the food at high speed, producing the crispy and tasty outer layer loved by all. Traditional frying would completely submerge food in hot and usually unhealthy oil, Air Fryer works by coating the desired food in a very thin layer of oil deposited from the heated air which circulates and heats to temperatures from 80°C - 200°C (170℉ - 390℉) By doing this, the appliance is able to fry foods like chicken, fish, steak, burgers, french fries, onion rings, hash browns or vegetable chips and pastries using less oil than a traditional deep fat fryer.

Achieve restaurant quality dishes like tempura, spring rolls and shredded Chinese beef and chicken at home, and without the risk of having an open pan of boiling fat. With two simple dials for temperature and timer functions, the easy controls enable fine adjustments that allow more precise cooking. The Air Fryer features a chunky non-stick basket tray which can be removed, filled with food and put back inside. This sits atop a drip-tray, there to catch any mess or spills. All the trays and parts are easy to remove and clean either by wiping with a sponge or cloth, and are dishwasher safe.


Product Dimensions ‎28 x 28 x 37 cm; 4.4 Kilograms

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