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246pc Drill Bit Set

246pc Drill Bit Set

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Whatever the job at hand, you’ll always be prepared with the 246pc Drill Bit Set.

This entire set boasts far-reaching capabilities that span drilling plastic, metal, masonry and wood.

Heat-treated steel bits are manufactured using chrome vanadium for long-lasting strength and durability to deliver maximum cutting speeds and clean, precision drilling – for results you can be proud of.

In addition to all the most common drill bits, this set also includes a number of specialist accessories for more unique drilling requirements. These components include hole saws and wood flat drill bits in varying diameters – items rarely seen in sets of this kind.

Supplied in a durable carry case - with designated placeholders for every bit, you can clearly see exactly what you need at a glance.

The case also benefits from an easy-clip fastening and ergonomically designed handle for easy storage and transportation.

Set comprises:

57 X HSS Titanium Twist Drill Bits: 1mm X 6, 1.5mm X 6, 2mm X 6, 2.5 X 6, 3mm X 7, 3.2mm X 6, 3.5mm X 4, 4mm X 4, 4.5mm X 1, 4.8mm X 1, 5mm X 4, 5.5mm X 2, 6mm X 2, 6.5mm X 2
30 HSS Black Oxide Twist Drill Bits: 1mm X 3, 1.5mm X 3, 2mm X 3, 2.5mmX 3, 3mm X 4, 3.2mm X 3, 3.5mm X 3, 4mm X 4, 5.5mm X 2 & 6.5mm X 2
17 X Wood Drill Bits: 3mm X 4, 4mm X 4, 5mm X 3, 6mm X 2, 7mm, 8mm X 2 & 10mm
4 X Wood Flat Drill Bits: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm
1 X Spade Bit Extension: 6"
21 X Masonry Drill Bits: 3mm X 2, 4mm X 2, 4.5mm X 2, 5mm X 2, 5.5mm X 2, 6mm X 3, 6.5mm X 2, 7mm X 3, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm
4 X Drill Stoppers: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
66 X 25mm Screwdriver Bits: 10 X Slotted, 12 X Phillips, 12 X Pozi, 8 X Star, 6 X Inch Hex, 6 X Metric Hex & 12 X Square
30 X 50mm Screwdriver Bits: 4 X Slotted, 7 X Phillips, 7 X Pozi, 4 X Star, 4 X Metric Hex & 4 X Square
6 X Nut Drivers: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm
2 X Hex Keys: 2.5mm
1 X Counter Sink
4 X Hole Saws: 32mm 38mm, 45mm & 54mm
1 X Arbor Adaptor for Hole Saws
1 X Cupped Nail Punch
1 X Bit Holder
Universally compatible with all drills and many other brands including Bosch, Makita and DeWalt.

Case Size: H29.5 X W6 X D41.5cm
Weight: 3kg
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