2 Pack Patio Banana Parasol Base

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 2 Pack Banana Parasol Base

Great, you’ve bought a quality parasol to enjoy the summer in style! Now stand your ground against the British breeze with this quality set of weighted base segments. They’ll make sure your lovely parasol doesn’t end up in the neighbour’s garden when the wind picks up.

Made to suit freestanding, overarching, cantilever or banana parasol styles, these segments fits number of makes and models – including the Banana Parasol range. Please check compatibility with any other types before purchasing.

The ridged style and classic black colourway make these weights a seamless addition to any garden setting.

Each pack includes 2 segments – so you’ll need two packs to make a full set.

Simply slip them into place and you’ll create a sturdy weighted base that will withstand most gusts.

Each segment weighs in at 12.5kg, building a 50kg stabiliser when a full set is used.

Each Segment Size: 48 X 4cm (Diameter X Height)

Weight (each segment): 12.5kg per weight