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1500W Multi-Purpose Circular Saw

1500W Multi-Purpose Circular Saw

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This Multipurpose 1500W Circular Saw is perfect for those looking to tackle a wide range of tasks, from carpentry to every day DIY jobs.

With a 1500W power motor that delivers a rapid no-load speed of 5500RPM, your circular saw will take your DIY to new heights of precision.

With the ability to adjust the cutting depth and angle, you can carry out bevel angle and joint cuts; at 90° the maximum cutting depth is 66mm and at 45° it is 45mm, meaning you will be able to tackle awkward angles and deliver clean cuts.

For extra flexibility, the long 3m cable allows for better manoeuvrability and lets you reach those awkward angles.

Durable and robust, the x1 185mm and 24 teeth blade is especially good for cutting rough wood and is compatible with most 184mm and 185mm blades with a minimum arbour size of 20mm (reduction rings may be necessary for larger arbours)

For peace of mind, there is a two-stage safety trigger that prevents you from accidentally starting the motor.

You can also ensure your workspace remains a safe environment with the 35mm dust collector that allows you to connect to a vacuum and keep your station clear of any shavings.

Accessories Included:

  • 1pc Guide Ruler
  • 1 x 185mm cutting blade: 24T for rough wood cutting
  • 1x Hex Key to unlock the blade


  • Weight: 3.68kg
  • Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V 50Hz
  • Input Power: 1500W 13A
  • N0-load speed: 5500r/min
  • Blade Dia: 185mX24T
  • Arbour size: 20mm
  • Dust collector outlet Dia: 35mm
  • Angle Depth: 0°:66cm;45°:45mm
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