Staple & Nail Gun

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3 in 1 Nail Gun and Staple Gun

The Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Staple and Nail Gun is the all-in-one tool you need for your DIY project.  This 3 in 1 tool can be used for securing staples, punching in nails or removing unwanted staples, perfect for whether your securing cable tacking or undertaking a heavy-duty building project.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake while you’re working, our staple and nail gun includes a handy staple removal function so you can easily undo any unwanted work.

Features and soft-grip handle for added comfort while you work.

Our staple and nail gun are set for use with the following staples and nails:

  • 8MM 2*8*11.3mm Light Duty Staples 500PCS
  • 12MM 2*12*6.3mm Round Crown Staples  500PCS
  • 10MM 2*10*2.1mm Brad Nails 500PCS