Square Bioethanol Tabletop Fireplace

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Introduce the stylish glow of a contemporarily designed fireplace into your home with our natural grey stone coloured bioethanol burner.

Suitable for use inside and outside your home, the portable fireplace weighs only 1.4KG.

With no need for electricity or gas, fuelling the burner simply requires the pouring of bioethanol fuel into its canister.

Smokeless and ash-free, watch the flames burn on a durable wick for one hour from full to empty.

Get up close and personal safely with the two heat-resistant tempered glass screens

To avoid overheating, the burner features a double layer and a fire extinguisher is included for added safety.

Users should read the included guides before use, only use bioethanol fuel and must be installed on a solid surface of non-flammable, heat-resistant material for safe use.