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Manhattan Silver Cocktail Set

Manhattan Silver Cocktail Set

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Explore the world of cocktails with our comprehensive cocktail set, crafted to demystify the process of cocktail making. The Manhattan cocktail shaker (also known as a cobbler shaker) is an essential tool for aspiring bartenders, featuring a built-in strainer. With its effortless functionality and elegant design, impress your guests as they admire your expertise in mixology.


  • 550ml Manhattan shaker
  • Twisted bar spoon (improves your grip and control as you stir)
  • Double jigger (2-in-1 design featuring 25ml and 50ml measuring cups)
  • Muddler (effortlessly crush up fruits and herbs to enhance your flavours)
  • Hawthorne strainer (effectively filter out all unwanted solid ingredients)


(H) 21cm x (D) 8.9cm

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