Leaf Blower 3000w 3-in-1 - Blows, Vacuums and Mulches Leaves - 35L Bag

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Leaf Blower 3000w 3-in-1 - Blows, Vacuums and Mulches Leaves - 35L Bag.

This 3000W Leaf Blower is ideal for keeping lawns, patios and driveways tidy.

With a powerful motor, this highly efficient leaf blower allows you to effortlessly clear leaves and other debris from your garden in virtually no time at all. 

The leaf blower works in three stages, each action triggered by a simple move of the dial: 

The blower mode enables you to collect leaves together

The vacuum mode sucks them up into the collection bag

The mulcher then automatically condenses waste into material suitable for composting 

Boasting a shredding ratio of 10:1, this not only saves space in the collection bag, but it also saves you time making additional trips to the compost heap. 

The spacious 35L capacity collection bag requires emptying less often than smaller bags – allowing you to work longer without interruption. 

The collection bag features an easy-pull zip to make disposing of its contents quick and easy.  Plus, the 10m long power cable allows you to cover a wider area without restricting you to using the leaf blower close to a plug socket. 

Compact and lightweight, the Leaf Blower has been designed with comfort in mind. Featuring wheels and a shoulder strap to reduce strain on your shoulders, arms and back, it allows you to work for prolonged periods without any signs of fatigue. 

The thermal cut-out safety features automatically cut the leaf blower’s power if it’s in danger of overheating. 

Very simple assembly required with easy to follow instructions provided.  


Voltage: 230V

Power: 3000W

Frequency: 50Hz

Weight: 3.5kg