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Laminate Floor Kit

Laminate Floor Kit

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The Laminate Flooring Kit contains all the essentials you need install your new laminate or hardwood flooring efficiently and accurately.

  • Suitable for 7mm - 15mm flooring.
  • Ideal for domestic and professional use.
  • Includes 1 x rubber tapping block 1 x pull bar 1 x double headed mallet (1 x rubber head and 1 x hard head) 30 x spacers

Easy to use

  1. Use the pull bar to eliminate gaps on the long side of the planks
  2. Insert the tapping block into the tongue of the plank when tapping two planks together
  3. Adjust the thickness of the gap using two spacers – make sure to place the spacers on the edges, leaving enough room for expansion if needed 
  4. Use the mallet to hammer the tapping block to eliminate gaps between planks
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