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Jute Rug with Border

Jute Rug with Border

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Jute Rug with Border

A room without carpet is never fully complete without a stylish rug to tie it together.

Our 100% Jute Rug with Border brings natural, bohemian influenced design to your space, with a size of 5 by 7 feet making it perfect for smaller and larger rooms.

A natural and white colour scheme results in perfect pairing with any décor.

Due to the rug’s undyed natural fibres, some colour variation should be expected.

Place the rug away from heat sources and open flames for safety.

Maintaining a long rug life:

  • Turn regularly for even wear
  • Trim loose ends with scissors
  • Vacuum weekly without spinning brushes or roller attachments
  • Clean spots with a dry white rag
  • Test cleaning agents on a small reverse section of the rug to ensure discolouration doesn’t appear
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