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Ice Cube Maker Machine

Ice Cube Maker Machine

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2.1L Ice Cube Maker

More of us are using ice all year round – whether as an essential element in the perfect gin and tonic, to give our soft drinks a cool kick, or to fill an ice bucket ready for a bottle of fizz!

Making ice the traditional way – by filling trays and waiting for the cubes to freeze – is becoming impractical because there’s never enough to meet demand, and often it takes too long to freeze. You can buy bags of ice from the supermarket but if you’re having a party, it’s hard to find room to keep the amount you need in the freezer. The solution? The 2.1L Ice Cube Maker.

  • Make up to 72g of ice every 10 minutes thanks to the large 2.1-litre reservoir
  • Choose small or large ice cube size settings to suit your preference
  • Easy to use control panel with full ice & water shortage indicator
  • Dimensions: 37.6H x 31.5W x 44Dcm

Fast Results

An electric ice cube maker is the perfect solution for high-volume ice requirements. Just position it on the counter – or in the utility room – plug it in, fill the tank with water, switch it on and leave it alone! The 2.1 litre machine will produce all the ice you need, so you’ll never find yourself short of cubes when you need them.

Ideal if you’re planning a barbecue or hosting a Christmas party, you’ll have plenty of ice on tap for mixing cocktails, chilling wine or adding to coke and lemonade. Because you’ll have ice at the ready, you should also have less need to chill some of your drinks down, releasing more fridge space for food.

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