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Garment Steamer

Garment Steamer

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High performance and efficient operation 1400 watts quickly hot in 20 seconds, for 10 minutes of continuous, strong and ultra-dry steam. The nozzle has a unique waterproof design to prevent splashing or leakage. It can be used not only for vertical steam but also for horizontal steam, the wrinkles are quickly removed and germs and other bacteria are totally killed without using the ironing board. Note: If you use a steam straightener, straighten the clothes with the effect will be better.

Compact and light Don't let tricky lines and wrinkles ruin you! Our steam engine weighs only 700 g, is light and comfortable, takes up little space and is ideal for any suitcase or travel bag. Has enough strength to overcome these heavy wrinkles, impress everyone at the party or meeting.

Anti-dry technology and the latest version of steam technology - The unique anti-dry technology protects the steam straightener from overuse and damage to your clothes. The nano-scale spray is very fine, no clearly water-containing tropics, suitable for silk, linen, nylon, denim, wool yarn, cotton yarn, cotton, fiber, this mini travel iron meets your needs all year round.

Steam control button and removable water tank - After preheating, the automatic mode can be selected using the control button on the steam iron mini handle, and the steam is automatically dispensed. At this point, release your finger in time to prevent the steam from escaping on the way. The removable transparent 250ml water tank makes it easier for you to fill up with water, and the steam is not interrupted for 10 minutes
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