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Freestanding Bike Rack

Freestanding Bike Rack

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Save space in your home by utilising vertical space with our Freestanding Bike Rack, with an adjustable height up to 3.5ft from floor to seat post and a max diametre of 10 inches. Will not fit bikes with a greater distance than 3.5ft from the start of the back wheel to the seat post

The compact rack can be placed in any room and offers the convenience of wall mounting without fear of damage.

With a max capacity of 30KG, the rack can hold most bikes and supports those with mud guards and pannier racks.

An included wheel strap offers added stability and stabiliser bars give peace of mind that the bike will be held securely in place.

To use the rack, simply raise your bike’s front wheel, roll the back wheel onto the rack, lock the bike into the vertical brace and attach the wheel strap.

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