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Ex Display 3L Deep Fat Fryer

Ex Display 3L Deep Fat Fryer

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3L Deep Fat Fryer

Forget the fish and chip shop and make your own at home with the Deep Fat Fryer.

  • Perfect for frying sweet and savoury recipes including chips, fish, chicken, doughnuts and more!
  • High grade stainless steel housing with viewing window and removable non-stick oil pan.
  • Stainless steel frying basket with detachable cool touch handle
  • Thermostatic temperature control - adjustable between 130°C - 190°C
  • Size: 41 x 22 x 26 cm
  • Power: 2000W

The Deep Fat Fryer opens up an exciting world of culinary possibilities - stick to fail safe fish and chips or turn your hand to the many other recipes options such as deep fried doughnuts, fritters, chocolate bars, popcorn chicken, spring rolls - the list is endless!

Easy to use and thermostatically controlled - temperature can be set to between 130°C - 190°C to cook ingredients to the perfect crisp. To make things even easier, the instruction manual comes with recommended times and temperatures for a range of commonly fried foods.

Equipped with two handy indicator lights – one to let you know when the fryer is powered on and another to let you know it’s heating up.

Lid comes complete with sturdy handle and a clear viewing window to keep an eye on food as it’s frying.

Premium stainless steel frying basket comes complete with a cool touch detachable handle.

Enamel coated non-stick oil pan is removable for easy and convenient cleaning.

Generous 3L capacity - ideal for the busy kitchen and frying larger batches of food.

High grade stainless steel housing has been designed to stand the test of time and make a stylish addition to the modern kitchen.

Also features non-slip feet for safer use plus a built-in cable compartment for neat storage.

This is a Ex Display item.

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