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Electric Hollywood Mirror

Electric Hollywood Mirror

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The large LED bulbs that frame the mirror are perfectly placed to offer illumination from every angle. Frosted, they offer a gentle light, and they're dimmable too, just use the twist control on the side panel
Dimensions: 83cm X 70cm X 6cm
Spare screw in 3W E27 replacement bulb included.
Hollywood mirrors have fast become a must-have for any serious beauty buff, and this gorgeous design will make your dressing room the prime selfie spot for you and your girls.

Framed by 12 frosted bulbs with an adjustable dimmer, you can create the ideal conditions for getting glam. The simple twist control lets you select a setting from a warm glow to bright illumination.

Large Mirror
The mirror's impressive size allows you to see everything at once, great if you're trying to match up those eyeliner flicks. It's large enough to make a real statement, yet small enough to suit most standard dressing tables.

Overall Dimensions: 83cm X 70cm X 6cm (Height X Width X Depth)
Glass Panel Dimensions: 80 x 56 x 6.5cm (Height X Width X Depth)

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