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Electric 1050W Tiller

Electric 1050W Tiller

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Getting your soil ready for the gardening season has never been easier with the help of the 1050W Tiller. Armed with 4 robust and sturdy blades, able to turn up soil 22cm deep. The tiller has been designed with efficiency and mobility in mind. The single handle affords you full control of the machine, ensuring the exact patch of soil you’re aiming to till is reached, without damaging the surrounding area.

Working with a tilling width of 32cm means that each length of the patch you cover will till a greater surface area, decreasing the time taken to complete what can often seem like a gargantuan task. Thanks to the impressive 10m power cord, you’ll have the freedom to till over a large area without needing to worry about sticking overly close to your power source.

When working with any sort of machinery safety is paramount, therefore the Tiller has been installed with an overload protection system that stops the motor before the blades become damaged or loosened under intense pressure. Similarly, an electric brake button is placed near the handle allowing for a quick and easy power down.

Specifications 230V/50HZ Rated Power Input: 1050W Blade Speed: 380rpm Cutting Width: 320mm Maximum Tilling Depth: 220mm 10m cable

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