Dual Induction Hob Double 2800W

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Dual Induction hob 2800W

For fast and fuss free cooking, why not try an induction hob? Offering and space for two pans to cook a full meal.

No more scrubbing burnt food off your cooker, an induction hob directly heats your pan rather than the surface, cooking your food faster. This portable double induction hob packs a punch with each plate capable of outputting 1400W, totalling 2800W of power!

With 10 heat settings between 60 to 240 degrees, and 10 power settings ranging from 200W to 2800W, you get full control over your hobs. The LED display and built in timer makes it safe and easy to use for beginner cooks or kitchen-whizz chefs, the simple touch controls will have your 5-star meal ready in no time.

Before purchase we recommend ensuring that you have a compatible pan.

This can be done by looking underneath your pans for an induction symbol.

If not, the shop our compatible induction sauté pan, induction griddle pan, or 5-piece stainless steel pan set