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Adjustable TV Shelf Bracket

Adjustable TV Shelf Bracket

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Mount Devices

An ideal companion for a wall-mounted TV, the Floating Adjustable Wall Bracket allows you to mount a range of entertainment devices right under your TV.

Secure Fit

In addition to its movable clamps to keep your device securely in place, the bracket also features fully extendable arms to create a perfect, all-round fit.

For added storage-saving capacity, you can also tilt the bracket to store your secured device vertically.


Our bracket supports a host of DVD players, Blu-Ray players, certain TV / Cable boxes, as well as some game consoles.


Adjustable clamps: min 25mm, max 45mm
Adjustable arms: min 200mm, max 450mm
Max weight: 3kg

Please note this mount does not fit Sky+, Sky+ HD Boxes or PS3.

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