6 Cup Espresso Maker

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6 Cup Espresso Maker

Enjoy espresso every day with our super-stylish Espresso Macchinetta.

Suitable for both gas and electric hobs
Made from quality aluminium
Includes a free replacement gasket and filter
6 cup capacity (300ml)
Take a continental approach to coffee and filter up to 6 cups (300ml) of rich espresso with the Espresso Macchinetta.

Based on a classic design, the espresso maker is constructed from durable aluminium for years of trouble-free use. It gently draws hot water from the base section through a funnel filter which infuses the ground coffee before moving to the upper section, ready to be poured.

This traditional method of making espresso creates an intense coffee infusion for a full-bodied brew. Just the thing if you want to kick-start your morning routine or lift your after-lunch concentration levels.

The flip-top lid has a contrasting cool-touch knob and handle for safe and efficient use.

Also vailable in 3 cup (150ml), 6 cup (300ml), 9 cup (450ml) or 12 cup (600ml) espresso sizes

Not suitable for induction hobs.