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50pc Cordless Li-Ion Screwdriver Set

50pc Cordless Li-Ion Screwdriver Set

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50pc Cordless Li-Ion Screwdriver Set

The Cordless Screwdriver Set is essential for those everyday household tasks and is quickly and easily recharged ready for the next job.

Perfect for assembling flat-pack furniture quickly and easily as well as putting up shelves, installing cupboards and a host of other DIY jobs around the home.

Handy Features

Features an LED light to help you see your way to DIY success - even in a dim and dusty corner - a ¼” rotating quick-release chuck for easy changing of bits in the middle of a job plus an automatic spindle lock.

Twistable handle makes it easy to get into tight spots.

Comes with a charger and 1300mAh Li-ion battery which will charge from flat in around 3 hours, so you can spend less time waiting and more time DIY-ing!

All parts are housed in a handy plastic storage case.

Driver Bits Include:

  • Flat Head
  • Cross Head
  • Tri-Wing
  • Spanner Head
  • Torx
  • Security Torx
  • One Way
  • Robertson
  • Wing Nut
  • Imperial Hex
  • Metric Hex
  • Security Hex
  • Spline Drive
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