50L Dust Collector 1200W

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50L Dust & Wood Chip Collector

Ideal for getting to those hard to reach places, our Dust Collector comes with a 2m hose and an additional 2.2m extension hose, meaning you will have no trouble if you need to move around. Its large 50L capacity is built for filtering debris and is ideal for everyday jobs as well as home workshops that have excess woodworking dust and chippings.

  • Built for effective high filtration and filtering debris this 50L capacity Dust Collector is perfect for home workshops.
  • With 25KPa suction power it can tackle more demanding jobs.
  • This dust collector comes with a 2m hose (100mm diameter outlet) as well as an additional 2.2m (35mm diameter inlet/outlet) extension hose.
  • Can filter dust and debris of up to 0.5 microns.
  • Complete with 2 filter bags and a HEPA filter
  • 5 piece adaptor kit included (100mm to 105mm, 70mm, 45mm, 40mm & 35mm.

The powerful suction 1200W- 25KPa will ensure that you are able to perform for more demanding jobs. Complete with 2 filter bags and a HEPA filter, which can effectively filter dust and debris, with a high filtration of 0.5microns. Its thermal cut-out will prevent any risk of overloading, so you can be confident when working.

Complete with an adapter set with multiple attachments, it can be used to adapt the vacuum to a range of DIY tools with dust extraction facilities. Compatible with other VonHaus tools which have a dust extraction capability. Including sanders, circular saws, jigsaws, table saws. It is also compatible with 3500180 and 3500181.


  • 2 filter bags and HEPA filter
  • Adapter set- Adapter set 105mm, 70mm, 45mm, 40mm & 35mm.
  • Additional 2.2m extension hose, with 35mm inlet and 35mm outlet. (Outer diameter is 41mm, internal diameter is 35mm)