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400W Water Drainage Pump With 8m Hose

400W Water Drainage Pump With 8m Hose

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With a maximum drainage rate of 7500L/H, this 400W motorised water pump rapidly empties water from pools, hot tubs, ponds, flooded rooms and other bodies of water up to 7m deep. (max delivery height from water surface: 5m)

Able to uptake grains up to 35mm wide, you can drain away dirty water without worrying about it getting clogged.

Extra-long reach

An 8m long hose and 10m long mechanically sealed power cable make it easy to reach the water from your power supply.

The float switch detects water level and turns off the unit when water is depleted, and the thermal cut off mechanism switches the unit on and off to keep its temperature below 35°C. With these regulatory mechanisms in place, you can leave the pump to work unattended safely.

Dimensions: L23 x D15 x H30.5cm

Hose length: 8m

Power cable length: 10m
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