4 Step Steel Ladder

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4 Step Steel Ladder

Keep everything you need within easy reach with the 4 Step Steel Ladder.

Combining usability with durability, this step ladder is a perfect fit for daily use in the home or workshop.

Built for stability

Ultra-durable steel frame with outward pointing legs keeps weight distributed evenly for added stability.

Easy to store 

Folding to a thickness of just 4.5cm, this compact ladder can be stored conveniently in narrow household gaps and carried with ease. 

Anti-slip feet

Rubber caps on the feet protect the floor from being scratched, and most importantly, keep the ladder from slipping while you’re on it.

Safety latch

Locking in place automatically when the ladder is opened, this mechanism prevents the ladder from folding while in use.

Added safety

Each step features an anti-slip surface to provide you with a better foothold, while the top hand rail gives you something solid to hold onto while you’re up there.

Dimensions – W46.5 X L91.5 X H126.5 cm (while open).

(Width x length x Height)

Weight – 7.9kg