4 Blade Stove Fan With Temperature Gauge

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4 Blade Stove Fan with temperature gauge

Our 4 Blade Stove Fan with temperature gauge is ideal for making the heat from your freestanding stove, oven or wood/log burner go further.

Made in premium black aluminium with four large blades for maximum airflow, yet quiet in sound, it will subtly blend in with its surroundings.

For a more energy-efficient burn, your stove fan will effectively distribute the heat from your stove around the room.

Best placed on your stove, so that when lit, the heat begins to rise and the stove fan will automatically spin. The fan will quickly start to disperse heat around the room, with a max airflow of 180CFM and starting temperature of 50 degrees you will be able to monitor the temperature of your home with the inbuilt temperature gauge.

The thermoelectric module acts as a mini generator, powering the fan's motor and creating motion. No batteries or plugs required!

Dimensions: W18 x D10.9 x H21.8cm