4.5 litre Humidifier

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4.5L Humidifier

Forget dry and dusty – instead enjoy fresher-feeling, moisturised air with the easy to use 4.5L Humidifier.

This compact 4.5-litre portable humidifier works by softening and purifying water through a ceramic filter, before emitting it in a cool mist. 

The digital display allows no-fuss operation and you can adjust the mist output from low to medium and high - each level has a different coloured light so it’s easy to see which setting it’s on.

The humidifier runs for 24 hours on a full tank and because it’s super-quiet, you can enjoy the benefits of purer air without noise disruption.

The humidifier also includes an aroma tray – perfect for adding a calming or stimulating scent.

This model utilises a ceramic filter to soften and purify water. The ceramic system doesn’t require cleaning or replacing – making it great value and zero maintenance.

Power: 220 – 240V

Water Tank Capacity: 4.5L

Full Tank Run Time: 24hrs

Size: L19 X W14.5 X H35cm