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30M Garden Hose -

30M Garden Hose -

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30m Garden Hose Reel

The Auto Rewind Hose Reel makes watering your garden, bushes and veggies patches easier than ever.

With a super-long hose up to 30m in length, this sturdy and durable hose with anti-kink features lets you reach every part of your garden with ease.

Made with an automatic rewind function so you don’t need to spend time rewinding or unravelling your hose reel.

To use, simply pull to unwind and the function will lock the hose into place. If you need to extend your hose further, pull the hose again until you reach your desired length. Once you’ve finished attending to your garden, the powerful built-in spring automatically retracts the hose without you having to do anything.

Includes 8-Function Spray Gun

Choose nozzle or spray gun attachments depending on the task at hand.

The spray gun is ideal for easily controlling water flow. With a simple stop/start lever and ergonomic soft-grip rubber handle, you can move from plant pot to plant pot, flower bed to flowerbed without wasting water whilst on the move.

Twist the head to select any of the 8 pattern options available – from a single concentrated flow to a light dispersed flow.

The simple screw-on attachments allow you to switch between each attachment easily.

Includes required fittings and hardware to connect to a tap and mount on your wall.

Dimensions: L46.5 x W22.5 x H46.5cm

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