3.6V Nail Gun and Staple Gun

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3.6V Nailer & Stapler

Create strong fastenings and fixings with the 3.6V Cordless Nailer & Stapler. This 2-in-1 tool is the easy way to fix together multiple materials – from textiles and fabrics to cardboard and film.

Much faster and easier than traditional hammer and nail, this handy tool will become your go-to for household repairs.

Lightweight at just 1.5kg, with a compact ergonomic design, this unit is built with the user in mind.

Cordless for ease of movement, the tool is ideal for use in both confined and outdoor spaces.

This battery powered tool takes just 3 - 5 hours to achieve maximum charge – enough to fix approx. 400 nails.

Once charged, the Li-ion battery retains its power so you can keep it stored and ready to use whenever you need it.

Easy to Use

The two-stage depress and release system enables full control of the stroke for the exact positioning of staples or nails. Simple to use and reload, the stapler benefits from a soft grip handle, which promotes comfortable use and minimises the chance of operational fatigue.

The stapler/nailer is compatible with: Type 53 (22 gauge) staples (4 - 10mm) and T-brad nails (18 Gauge) 10mm only. Not compatible with larger nails.

The large magazine capacity loads up to 50 nails and up to 100 staples - minimising the need to frequently reload – ideal on larger projects.

Made from a strengthened composite for enhanced strength and durability, the tool comes with charger and 1000 X 10mm nails and 1000 X 10mm staples for immediate use.


  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Impact Rate: 30/min
  • Magazine capacity: 100 Type 53 staples
  • Battery: 1.3Ah capacity Li-ion
  • Included: 1000 staples & 1000 nails
  • Battery Charger:
  • Output: 5.0V
  • Charging current: 400mA
  • Charging period: 3 – 5 hours