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25m Splash-Proof Extension Reel

25m Splash-Proof Extension Reel

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25m Splash-Proof Extension Reel

For those of us who are keen DIYers or active gardeners, using power tools at a distance from a mains power supply is an everyday struggle. That’s why a practical extension lead – like this one from VonHaus – is a must.

The extension cable is housed in a neat reel that enables tidy storage, as well as instant access. The 25-metre cable is neatly coiled around an internal core, which makes it easy to unwind for use and rewind effortlessly when you’re done.

The cable features a splash-proof, corrosion-resistant 2-gang socket with copper tri-core cable

Once unwound, you’ll have a generous 25-metre cable length, so you can tackle all kinds of jobs around the home and garden.

The cable has a thermal cut-out feature which prevents the unit from overheating during use.

Suitable for using indoors and out. While the splash-proof socket will offer protection from damp weather conditions, it’s not designed to be submerged or for use in heavy downpours. The extension lead should be stored in dry conditions when not in use and unwrapped fully before use.


Power: 13A

2 X IP54 rated sockets for use with power tools and appliances

Safety: thermal cut out

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