230V Impact Wrench with Square Drive

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230V Impact Wrench with ½ “ Square Drive 

Make easy work of heavy duty applications with our ½ “ Square Drive Impact Wrench. Powered with 230V and a max torque of 450N, our high-powered wrench can unscrew the tight nuts with 2200rpm and 3400ipm.

  • Features 450Nm torque capable of unscrewing wheel nuts
  • Able to remove very tight nuts with 3400ipm and 2200rpm
  • Forward and reverse drive
  • Includes 4 common socket sizes: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm and 22mm
  • Comes with a hard-shell carry case

Our corded impact wrench can drive bolts up to a max size of M12 in no time. Features ½ “ hog ring anvil square drive for easy socket changes, and includes 4 common socket sizes: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm and 22mm.

The Square Drive Impact Wrench comes with a 2m cable and hard-shell carry case for ultimate portability while you work.