20M Garden Hose Reel

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20m Garden Hose Reel

The automatic retractable hose reel makes watering your lawns, borders and veg plots easy.

Extending up to 20m in length, this anti-kink, tough and durable hose allows you to reach all areas of your garden without the hassle that traditional unwieldy hosepipes bring.

There’s no need to waste time unrolling and rewinding to store. Simply pull gently to unwind and the mechanism automatically stops and locks in place.

When you need to extend your reach, just pull on the hose again – it’s that simple.

After you’ve finished watering, a powerful spring automatically retracts the hose reel back into its robust plastic housing without any kinks, tangles or effort.

This auto hose reel comes with all the necessary fittings needed to connect to your tap and mount on your wall – allowing a 180° pivot.

Mount directly onto your wall – all fixings and instructions included. 

Once wall mounted the hose reel offers added manoeuvrability with a 180° pivot

Dimensions: 42cm (with bracket) wide, 43cm in height and 19.2cm in depth