1600W Garden Pressure Washer with Accessories

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1600W Garden Pressure Washer with Accessories
The 1600W Pressure Washer allows you to wash away grime, dirt and mould effortlessly and conveniently.
Boasts a hefty 90bar of pressure and 330 litres/h water flow to blast away the stubborn of stains, ideal for guttering, pavements and flag stones. Made with an auto-stop feature for ease of use.
Comes with an attachable detergent bottle and spray gun that can be easily attached in no time. For a more powerful clean, simply fill the detergent bottle with your cleaning solution.
Made with safety in mind, the spray gun is trigger activated with a safety lock on the handle to stop any accidental use.
Designed to allow you to work freely with a long 5m and 5m long power cable.
With a compact design and lightweight feel, you’ll have no problem moving around your garden with our pressure washer.
Power: 220 - 240V
Motor: 1600W
Working Pressure: 90bar
Max Pressure: 135bar
Working Flow Rate: 5.5L/min
Size:L31 X W24 X H45cm
Weight: 5.8kg
Cable Length: 5m