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15m Extension Reel

15m Extension Reel

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This 15-metre extension lead does just the job. The cable is manually wound around a robust plastic reel, helping to keep it neat, tidy and free of tangles. Once unwound, the cable will give you ample room to perform jobs all over the house, before coiling it back using the winding arm when you’re finished.

The reel is set into a simple frame that provides a top handle for easy transportation, which also keeps the reel elevated from the ground.

Featuring four sockets, the extension reel allows you to work with a number of tools and appliances simultaneously.

The cable features thermal cut-out protection to prevent overheating and the cable itself is corrosion-resistant.

Suitable for using indoors only. This extension lead should be stored in dry conditions when not in use and unwrapped fully before use.

Cable length: 15m
Power: 13A

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