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15 Bar Espresso Machine

15 Bar Espresso Machine

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Start the day right with a fresh, rich espresso. With a quality espresso maker at home, you’ll never have to take a trip to the local barista again. Get this clever little home espresso machine set up in your kitchen to enjoy the taste and aroma of a full-bodied coffee whenever you want.

Features milk frother with steam control dial, removable drip tray and 1.5L water tank, an overpressure protection device and a coffee measuring spoon

For the best results, preheat your machine before use. Then simply fill your coffee filter, lock it in position, turn on the pump switch and watch the coffee flow. To stop the machine once your cup is full, simply turn the power off. Features dishwasher-safe, reusable stainless steel filters and can accommodate two espresso cups or one full size cappuccino cup at one time

If you fancy a change from an espresso shot, use the milk frothing want to make tasty lattes, cappuccinos or hot chocolate. Simply fill a jug with cold milk, place the wand in the milk and use the control dial to froth and heat the milk to your liking. 

Power: 850W

Dimensions: H36 x D35 x L34cm  

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