100-Inch Fold Up Projector Screen

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100" Fold Up Projector Screen 

Our 100 Inch fold up projector screen is perfect for creating your own at home theatre, whether that's having a cosy movie night with friends or hosting and watching the game, it's a lovely way to bring friends and family together.

With a 16:9 widescreen great for HD and 4K panoramic viewing, you can watch all your favourite things in top quality.

Made with wrinkle-resistant polyester to ensure the screen stays smooth for an even viewing.

Included with this screen are 12 reinforced metal holes around the outer edges, plus 12 hooks that allow you to easily attach this to the wall for a flatter projection surface. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use

This screen can be used both indoors and outdoors, ideal for creating your own outdoor retreat or an indoor snuggle room.